Article Submission Deadlines 2014

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Article Submission Deadlines 2014

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Please note the following:

The deadline for all submissions, if you wish to get something in for the issue following your submission, is the 5th of the month (alternative months).

For 2014 it will be :

Feb 5th for the February March issue 1
April 5th for the April May issue 2
June 5th for the June July issue 3
August 5th for the August September issue 4
October 5th for the October November issue 5
December 5th for the December January issue 6

Please state in any correspondence if the item is time related, the editor will try and identify this if it is obvious anyway, but just in case.

Please also note that QUANTA committee members (including myself) do not all access the forum or do not rely on the forum for QUANTA matters, it has in place contact methods for all forms of communication on the QUANTA website and that this should be used.

The location for all contacts you can find here

The editors decision on most magazine things is normally final but he can be flexible :)

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