What is QUANTA?

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What is QUANTA?

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QL Users ANd Tinkerers Association was created in 1984, soon after the Sinclair QL was launched, by a number of enthusiastic members and had a peak membership of nearly 2,000. QUANTA’s aim was to provide an independent source of support for, and sharing information about, the Sinclair QL. In time, it has expanded its brief to include compatible systems such as the ICL OPD (One Per Desk), CST Thor, Aurora and Q40/Q60, as well as emulators of the Sinclair QL running on other platforms. Today QUANTA’s membership is a little lower than 100 dedicated and enthusiastic members.

QUANTA is a non-profit organisation run by an elected committee of honorary officials. The QUANTA committee is currently made up of 8 enthusiastic QL users (and former users), of varying ages and degrees of experience with QL’s, QL emulators and more modern personal computers.


QUANTA membership is by annual SUBSCRIPTION. QUANTA offers its members regular contact with the QL scene, with a bi-monthly magazine (available in both printed A5 booklet and in electronic format as a PDF), access to QUANTA’s large free QL software library, advice and help with QL-related matters, workshops (at least one QL show, each year, held anywhere in the UK where ever members and sub-groups are prepared to host it) and support for local sub-groups.


Sub-groups were formed as a method to provide local meeting places for QL members. Sub-groups provided places for and often hosted workshops and computer shows. Currently there are eight subgroups in the UK. There are no official subgroups in Europe or the North Americas at this time, although QUANTA maintains strong links with individual QL members in these countries.

Any group that wishes to be affiliated with QUANTA should contact the Chairman. Affiliation would include information in the QUANTA magazine and on the website.

Further information and details can be found at


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