Any QL & Git "best pratices" yet?

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Any QL & Git "best pratices" yet?

Postby olifink » Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:19 pm

As I'm not the first to bring QL source code to GitHub I was wondering if anyone has already come up with the usable workflow to bring QL files into Git? Obviously it needs to be done on the QPC host side with CMD or WSL bash. But getting the files over from win_ to dos_ is kind of cumbersome (unless I'm missing something):

For a one-off code drop to GH it's faily easy to just ZIP and copy it over to dos_ for git commit and push - but for ongoing work on a project I was looking for something less manual. The Update command from QPac2 would have been the right thing to do if it was able to handle sub-directories (Tree helps a bit) and didn't have limitations on filename length. I'm couldn't find anything with TK2 that would work like Update and again there is the problem with recursing into sub directories.

So before I get creative I wanted to check with you :)


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Re: Any QL & Git "best pratices" yet?

Postby tofro » Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:30 pm

I'm not using Git (but SVN to a local server), but the concept should be the same:

I have all my code on a dos_ drive which is a Mac sub-directory. I am using SVN on the Mac end of things, so every QL project directory is a Subversion feed and I use SVN from the Mac end. Much of the point of a CMS is simply lost when you renew the copy fully all the time by copying it over from a win drive. This gives me the advantage of using a modern Editor and revision control system, and I can still be building my projects on QPC. If you employ C68 make (which I do for all my builds, regardless of programming language), you can easily instruct it to place the final executable on a ram drive on the QL side to preserve header information.

Git would then be handled just like you do it on PC native development.


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