What Editor is best to use ?

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Re: What Editor is best to use ?

Postby M68008 » Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:26 am

janbredenbeek wrote:QED v1.02 and later support the TK2 default data directory; you only have to enter a file name if the file you want to edit or create is in the TK2 default data directory. So if you enter 'boot' as filename and DATAD$ is 'flp2_' then QED either loads or creates flp2_boot. Of course if you would enter 'flp2_boot' then it should not prepend another 'flp2_' in front of 'flp2_boot' and to determine if it should, it tries to open a directory using the supplied filename; if this succeeds then it leaves the name alone. My guess is that this somehow goes wrong. Could you please try this on your machine:

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OPEN_DIR#4;flp2_QLtest_bas (or any file on flp2_)

Thank you Andrew, Rich, Jan and Marcel for isolating this issue of the 'bad parameter' error when trying to open the parent directory by using the name of an existing file.

I've released a Q-emuLator update for Windows (version 3.2.1) that should fix this.

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