My best DIY ZX Sinclair

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My best DIY ZX Sinclair

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my crush ZX,

In 1981 when I was eleven, my parents bought tele7jours, a weekly magazine of television programs, I hastened to go to the end of the page where we could find the ad for the ZX81 to be assembled as a kit or not At the time it was an option. I really liked its compact dimensions and its design, which did not leave me indifferent, the backup option appealed to me a lot, I who owned ghettoblaster from the MONDIVOX brand, I did not fail to follow the following models and the extensions of Italian memory of 128 kb and memes of 512 kb (maybe spectrum), if my memory serves me well, beautiful memories. Now I realize that the DIY side really appealed to me.


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Re: My best DIY ZX Sinclair

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Welcome sayasupacrew to the QL Forum maybe a QL rebuild or upgrade might become your forte.

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