Q: MODBUS ASCII Master: Program for the Sinclair QL?

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Q: MODBUS ASCII Master: Program for the Sinclair QL?

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Hello to All,
Modbus ASCII is a protocol which uses ASCII (over RS-232-C) to control industrial (or smart) devices.
In this p-2-p communication one part is the MASTER and the other part is the SLAVE.

A MODBUS ASCII MASTER program can be implemented on a QL (which by default is equipped with 2x RS-232 ports).
This program should allow the QL to become a MODBUS ASCII MASTER and control the connected (MODBUS ASCII SLAVE) devices.

Do you have any knowledge if any MOSBUS ASCII MASTER program was ever released for the Sinclair QL ?

https://instrumentationtools.com/modbus ... explained/

Note: MODBUS RTU is more common than MODBUS ASCII but there are always converters to take you from ASCII (RS-232 Layer 1) to RTU (RS-485 as Layer 1).

Take Care,

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