Hello from Prague

Introduce yourself here!
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Hello from Prague

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Hello, my name is Martin, and I am new here :)

And not only am I new here on the forum, but also to QL. I am a long-time ZX Spectrum user, because in the 1990s it was the only computer cheap enough here in Central Europe to be affordable for a kid, but being born just two months before the QL, I missed it altogether. I managed to undo that mistake by buying two QLs in the last several years, and now I'm slowly getting to know them. 

The only thing I have done yet is the ISO-8859-2 font that can be found on GitHub, but I hope to do more in the years to follow. 

Sinclair QL is the Tommy Hilfiger of computers! I have a QL + GoldCard and QL + Minerva, but just one power supply for them both :( Waiting in the line for a Q68.
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Re: Hello from Prague

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Welcome! :)

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Re: Hello from Prague

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Welcome. You are among friends here. Have fun.


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