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Re: Qxplorer

Post by NL_QL_Usr »

Cleaned up the code...
Tried fop_dir etc but I liked the Qpipe (QLIB_EXT) better especially for the fast Find option (F)ilter.
Sort list the files first and then the dir's . Press (S)ort again un-sorts.
It should be compiled with QLIB!!
There is also an option to add an file editor , it is remarked for now.
If you want to use it just remove the REMark

For me it works fine now.

see update
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Re: Qxplorer

Post by qbits »

Hi NL_QL_User,

Some suggestions

You could add [base=RESPR(118) : LBYTES Dev$&Qpipe_bin,base:CALL base] as an option to add the QLIB Q_Pipe
I’ve attached copy of Qpipe_bin

The Sort could be extended to put the SubDir’s at top of Device DIR listing in win#5.
I changed your ‘FAT’ Drive ID to DOS as with compliant with QPC2 Emulator use

Top Left - Drive info? Spacing might become an issue as with Top Right - File info?
Menu: not all Options displayed - Drive Filter Copy New Paste Rename Sort View Delete Help
Maybe a rethink on Menu display

(F1) Help Screen OK after a few changes to work with my QPC2 environment
(D)rive OK : Cursors Up Down for DIR file enter LRUN or EXEC : Left Right for SubDIR OK
(F)ilter for file group name ie Progs with Filter=Str$ Note: What is Character Limit ? : (F)ilter =‘’ to Delete Str$
(C)opy and Paste=0 or n selected number of Files - Overwrite y/n option
Note: Single File, Selected Files or DIR
(N)ew ?
(r)ename OK
(v)iew OK Pages with Spacebar or Enter key (Printable Chars - Hex Option?)
(CTRL-Right Cursor) Delete OK
(K)illMusic ??? KILLSOUND unknown PROCedure ? with QPC2 Setup

Program Code – easy to follow some issues as expected with variety of different QL Platforms etc.
I suspect you have a lot more programming experience then I do.
Great to have someone writing SuperBASIC progs.

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Re: Qxplorer

Post by NL_QL_Usr »

Hey Qbits

Thanks for taking the time to try it out en test it all!
It its really nice when it is a bit useful.

The Lrespr is great , I use Qlib a lot so I have it in my boot file
Lrespr qlib_qlib_run
lrespr qlib_qlib_ext

The sort can be adjusted in the Proc dir_ lines
4100 IF EOF(#3):EXIT n%
4110 INPUT#3,t$(n%)
4120 IF " ->"INSTR t$(n%)
4130 ti$(n%)="1_"
4140 dt%=dt%+1
4150 ELSE
4160 ti$(n%)="0_"
4170 f%=f%+1
4180 END IF

Just change 4130 to "0_" and the line 4160 to "1_", this will put the dirs first when sorting.
Mayby I should make it changeable.
On a Q68 DOS drives are FAT so it iis good that it is Sbasic so everyone can change it as you like.
Also on a Q68 it comes with SOUNDFILE extensions witch can play soundfiles, the Killsound is handy when you're done with a long song.... :D
You're right about indicating what is copied etc, maybe I could make this better.

Yes I would like the (V)iew HEX option. it is not that hard to make.
The (n)ew is at least great for testing grinn but a new dir is always handy I think.

The space is indeed limited for the info and commands and fileInfo. It is because I liked to keep it small. And I like a program to be self explaining.
But 1 extra line would probably make a better info.

If there is interest my wishlist is:
A (s)ort for Date so that it shows the last edited
Mayby a Pipe from 1 qxplorer to a second for copying etc.
A file editor
An unzip
etc etc
Thanks very much again for your input.

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Re: Qxplorer

Post by NL_QL_Usr »

Qxplorer 1.06

Added: Edit files with your favorite editor (Default = QED)
View ZIP files
Unzip a zip file
Zip files
paste to FAT renames filename to 8.3
Altkey <v> = always current filename
so if you do <CTRL><c> then in any other
program you can do <ALT><v> to get the filename

Improved the code again and cleared some program mistakes.
Helpfile updated.

Included a boot_qxplorer
it shows the extensions you need but it is based on Q68 SMSQE

View zip.
<v>iew when on a zipfile will view the content of the zipfile.
If you <c>opy a zipfile to clipboard
Unzip will show.
Change to the directory where you want it to unzip.
And <u>nzip will unzip all the files to that location
Just <c>opy files (max 12) to clipboard
<z>ip will show
change to the directory where you want the zipfile.
<z>ip will put all the files in one zipfile

in 5300 DEFine PROCedure ini
You can set all your defaults
the drive names
your favorite editor
the unzip zip external programs

Extensions Needed:
please load before starting qxplorer
lrespr win1_qlib_qlib_sys (all qlib extensions)
lrespr win1_c68_sigext_rext (needed for ZIP Unzip)
hot_go is used for altkey
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Re: Qxplorer

Post by NL_QL_Usr »

Update 1.07

FLen can now show in mb and kb
in drives when a winx_ drive it shows the filename
The qxplorer.ini now works also
Please delete the old win1_tmp_qxplorer.ini if exist
when you start the program it will make the default ini
later it can be carefully changed.
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Re: Qxplorer

Post by Derek_Stewart »


The comment about DOS drive compatibility in QPC2.

I use the QPC2: DOS_USE, to redefine the DOS device driver and SMSQmulator: NFA_USE for the NFA device driver name.

So it can be anything you want.


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