Request for MicroDriveReplacement Bunch

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Request for MicroDriveReplacement Bunch

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It's coming!
No wait, already is here :)

After passed tests from first bunch of PCBs modified from original Dr. Gusman project, now it is ready to give you all what you need to built up a revision of this release 1.4.

  • Any issues is not his responsibility cause he didn't do any mod from ver 1.1.
  • We are not a shop so not pursuit any profit, not claiming form and all under your responsibility and risk

So... what is here?

Version 1.4 with boards modification but not mods in the logic, nor the software.
So what? What does it mean?
It means that the solution is for everyone, engineer or not, "Engineering for everyone". You will not need to know about hardware configurations... dealing with ...
wait wait... I don't get you.
You can use it, as it were a Floppy Driver in dammit wornderful 90's. Install it as you did then , and use it as you did then.
Like a Gotek hardware floppy emulator?
You got, dammit you got it!

Here Will be posted all info about how to get one or how to build yours.
Already one person is in touch with me through FCBK to built a bunch into UK and offer it. But... if you want to built and offer it by yourself, let's do it :)

Cost... after getting info in Postal office, to send 1 kit (Driver + cartridge) full mounted is about 2€. Cost materials is about 14-15€ depending of market prices and distributors.
More detailed info soon. But if you want one built and tested from us (Dr. Gusman is not involved on it again, so he own not responsibility) There will be 10€ added.

Gerbers, diagrams, manuals... all I have as soon as I can. Already Gerbers and Diagrams are published on some places but I want to put here and on Github too.

If someone is interested about get one or built one... start to write it down :)

To get an idea...
One kit sent this morning to Denmark (without tracking number and not delivering guarantees) costed 2€ (something less than it).... 25€ + 2€ = 27€.
UK need to pay taxes... got informed that it would be about 21% or whatever is there for electronic devices. So... I guess... 13 or 14€ of materials... by 0.21 =... XD really? so cheap? yap dammit!
But actually I don't the proceed you need to do if it is requested in your case (paperwork).

So... (so many sos... do we need help?)
All first bunch ran out!
But... it is coming a second (little) bunch of 5 boards from another FAB (I wanted to compare quality and prices), so if they pass also tests... I will offer to people who write their interest here. Don't hesitate too much, already there is a line in the other FCBK group.

1. Mark Pepper is dealing now with produce a bunch and offer them for UK citizens.
2. You could do your own
3. You can ask for one here.
4. If you only need a bare PCB, that's fine!!! Why not?

1. Read documents and all info from Dr. Gusman repository to understand well what you are getting.
2. Understand that you must/should do some work with the EDGE connector (I have no the time and I consider everyone should do theirs for QL cases particularities).
3. I don't take any responsability farther than built it for you, test it on my QL (my only one QL) and send it to you.

Is all that fine?
Soon more info but if you agree with it, then let's build one for you.

Cheers and see you soon.

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