QLSound and TDI FDC incompatibiliy?

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QLSound and TDI FDC incompatibiliy?

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Hi there guys,

I recently got a QLSound expansion, and I am really stoked to put it to good use. However, when I connected it to the QL using Tetroid's bus expander and the TDI interface; the QLSound card isnt initiated (with some TDI jumper settings the QL doesnt even boot).

I suspect this has to do with ROMS that are colliding and that the TDI only allows `other' ROMS to run at a specific address ($c000, $cf00 or something?).

So I am wondering if any of you have any tips for me as how to go about this. I *THINK* I would be ok to just write stuff to the QLSound in assembly, not using the ROM code at all (if possible); but before making the situation more complex than it already is; I wanted to put out the question here... Any ideas?

(If all fails, Im considering getting an oqtadrive or something, so I can use that together with the QLSound, but I would much prefer to use it with the FDC I already got).

Kind regards,

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