SMSQE on Raspberry pi 400

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Re: SMSQE on Raspberry pi 400

Postby Sparrowhawk » Tue Mar 09, 2021 9:37 am

NormanDunbar wrote:You missed cd from opt before unzipping.

Thanks, fixed.

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Re: SMSQE on Raspberry pi 400

Postby Tinyfpga » Tue Mar 09, 2021 3:19 pm

Thank you Sparrowhawk, NormanDunbar and Derek_Stewart for your replies. With your help I finally managed to run SMSQE on my Pi 400 at full HD resolution. The PI's display is fuzzier and much slower than my laptop's SMSQmulator output but it still runs at a usable speed. It feels slightly slower than the same setup on my Q68 but runs 4 bouncing balls in HD colour whereas the Q68 can't.

Camera picture and sceenshot of 4 bouncing balls (generated in real time) bouncing simultaneously below.



How time flies; I looked at Derek_Stewart pictures taken five years ago, the difference is the greater performance and utility of the PI 400. The next thing I will try is Ubuntu MATE 64bit to see if this runs SMSQmulator faster. Does uQLx run SMSQE, and if it does, can it display SMSQE at HD resolutions?

I now have Idenditcal setups running, natively or emulated, in or on, 6 different computing systems as follows:
SMS2(PEROM) in Atari STs
SMSQE in Q68
SMSQE on an industrial mini PC booting directly into SMS, via DOS and QPC1 (my favourite emulation because it starts up SMS instantly).

My SMSQE setup uses the old SMS2 apps and the SMS2 Basic parser such that the all system and application software is run without modification on all the above.

My preferences are SMS2 over SMSQE, native installations, instant booting and high resolution display output. I am less interested in speed and high colour display output.
My favourite compromise is the Q68 because it is native and instant-on and because I can imagine a future for SMS type systems in FPGA.

I would like to run QPC2 and SMSQumulator such that they load directly to SMS (like my DOS setup) giving the illusion of a native OS installation. This might be possible with something like Windows PE and for the PI some kind of minimal UNIX

Who would have thought all those years ago when SMS2 was created that it would provide QLers with so much choice. It is an extraodinary achievement by those who dedicated so much time to the development of the support platforms. What is needed is a beginners' manual for non-QLers.
I say onwards and upwards towards Tony Tebby's Stella.

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