For Sale: Romdisq 2Mb *** SOLD ***

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For Sale: Romdisq 2Mb *** SOLD ***

Postby Derek_Stewart » Wed Jan 08, 2020 11:07 am

Romdisq is a small plug in circuit board for the QL ROM port, with 2MB of flash memory, designed by Tony Firshman and Stuart Honeyball of Miracle Systems, with device drivers written by Tony Tebby.

It can be thought of as a small portable hard disk without moving parts, which reads at some 2MB a second.

It uses the device name "ROM" so you can save a program to "ROM1_"

The device needs expanded memory on the QL to work (min 256K).

Price: £60 plus postage

Romdisq Package and Instructions

Romdisq Front

Romdisq Back

Romdisq QL Boot Screen

Romdisq DIRectory ROM1_
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