For all German Reader and Especially Bavarian

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For all German Reader and Especially Bavarian

Postby ql_freak » Wed Apr 15, 2020 12:29 am

A nice Corona (Covid-19) diagram (labels are in German) about the totally infected people in Bavaria (IMHO much better than the official diagrams from LGL [the source]):

My homepage

Created with the Canvas class of the Tkinter package for Python. It would be really nice, if we would have Python for the QL. At first a non-GUI version would be nice. But OF COURSE we will need the FULL implementation WITH „Tkinter”!

BTW: Python has slicing (even better than the QL) for strings and lists (a kind of array). There are only a view disadvantages compared to SuperBASIC: Strings are NOT mutable (once set you CANNOT change it - of course you may assign another string to the same variable name). The FOR loop works different (but in most cases right!)... AND no „GO TO” (this is IMHO really a disadvantage, especially as you cannot EXIT from a multiple nested loop out).

BUT, there are a bunch of advantages: Fully object orientated (even with TRUE multiple inheritance, not just cheap Interfaces [which are nothing else than multiple inheritance with a lot of constraints]). Even more extensions than for SuperBASIC AND:

RUNs ON Unix (Linux), Windows, Symbian (successor of the PSION „Organizer” PDA´s), MacIntosh and perhaps even on OS/2 (DUNNO).

If anyone is interested in porting: PLEASE DO _N_O_T_ port the 2.x version! It doesn't get any updates any more since 2020(!). Please port a version of Python at least ≥3.6.
p.s.: I can post a sample program how to "work" with the Canvas class (really a VECTOR graphics class!) if anyone is interested (tested on Windows 10).
GERMAN! QL-Download page also available in English: GETLINE§() function, UNIX-like "ls" command, improved DIY-Toolkit function EDLINE$ - All with source. AND a good Python 3 Tutorial (German) for Win/UNIX :-)
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Re: For all German Reader and Especially Bavarian

Postby polka » Thu Apr 23, 2020 8:01 am


While Python is available everywhere - in many modern machines - what would be the use of porting is on our antediluviant QLs ? moreover, as you say, it's a moving target.


May the FORTH be with you !

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