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Hardware values...

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:30 pm
by Dave
I recently bought a "faulty" SGC and repaired it. It's surplus to my needs so I will be selling it.

On looking around I didn't see any guide prices of what the various bits of used hardware are worth. I thought it might be useful to compile such a list.

What are used SGCs in perfect refurbished condition with new batteries worth?

Re: Hardware values...

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:20 pm
by tofro

retro computing stuff is worth what people are willing to pay and price depends a bit on how urgently people want stuff - An SGC is one of the most urgently wanted pieces of QL Hardware and is thus worth nearly the price when it was new to some people.

Last few eBay auctions I have seen were between 200 and 250€, give or take. To be honest, I think the advent of the Q68 hasn't really pushed SGC prices...


Re: Hardware values...

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:06 am
by Dave
Indeed. I paid £165 + £22.50 shipping for the SGC from a UK owner who posted it on Graigslist - I was lucky to see the alert! It came with with a locking up problem that was bad memory. I replaced it with the RAM from my test SGC and gave it a super deep clean and it's been running perfectly for several weeks.

I don't think a list like I was asking about should set prices, but give a guide range that they have typically gone for in the last six months or so - or longer for more rare items that just don't come up very often. I think it would just help protect us as buyers from the worst excesses of high demanded prices, and as sellers for not knowing what the item we have is worth.

I'd probably just update it once every couple of months, or write a script so it could update itself.