White Stuff and Hydrogen Cars

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White Stuff and Hydrogen Cars

Postby qbits » Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:17 am

Yes its back, not that I‘m particularly phased by snow having lived and work some of my early years in Canada. Though every decade seems the UK has its moments, early in the nineteen eights the family were snowed in for three weeks. A winter or two in the nineties and naughty’s there was enough snow for some members of the family to build igloos. This year so far we have only spent a couple of hours clearing the drive. All said and done we are well insulated, have double-glazing and central heating. Yet it’s still nice to sit around the log burner on such a weekend as this.

Yes we burn fossil fuels, contributing a carbon footprint on the environment, who doesn’t. On that note I have to say I’ve been busy working on my Hydrogen Diffuser, probably a contributing factor as to why I haven’t posted much on the Forum.

My Diffuser is a simple concept; you put tap water into your car’s petrol tank, switch on and the water is pumped thought my Hydrogen Diffuser separating the hydrogen and oxygen, which is them mixed and enters the engines cylinders to be combusted and away you drive. The only down side I can see is the water pollutant that comes out of the exhaust. My device used in highly populated areas is likely to make the climate very damp!

Ah! Well! I was going to post this on April 1st, however my talents have been requested elsewhere, although not by the automobile industry, so I shall be away for the next few weeks.

I was bit late in wishing you all a Happy New Year and so somewhat in advance - Happy Easter - Cheers All!

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Re: White Stuff and Hydrogen Cars

Postby NormanDunbar » Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:07 am

Nice one!

What I like about hydrogen as a fuel, is that you can take the "ash", or water as we know it, and get your fuel back out of it to burn again!

I remember adverts years ago from the nuclear industry in the UK claiming the same thing. There was a picture of a burnt match "for effect" if I remember correctly.

Anyway, when it comes to environmental unfriendlyness, top of the list is:

Having kids
Big dogs
4wd vehicles.

Just a thought.


PS. Figures from New Scientist, some time back, confirmed (!) By QI. (Queue Eye) :D

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