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Re: Hello From France

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 2:21 pm
djouniot wrote:Hello,
My QL is equiped with a Trump Card, a double floppy driver, i keep my microdrive (and have three more form my Spectrum). I have lot of microdrive (and i am not sure they are good, they stay in a cellar without temperature control. Hopefully, they were all backuped on floppy. I don't know the status !! Then second question, before testing the QL, is it possible to read TRUMP CARD formated floppy disk on a modern PC (with a floppy driver) (by example a dd undier linux) and wich transformation to create an image readable by an emulator like QPC2 ?

Welcome to the forums.

I can answer the above - both QPC2 and q-emulator allow you to read direct from QL formatted floppy disks, so that is not a problem.