Wanted: 3D files for expansion covers

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Wanted: 3D files for expansion covers

Postby Dave » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:26 am

Wanted, 3D files to print 3D covers for Sinclair QL expansions. If the files contained groups of items so I could easily customize the length and openings, and it would be authentic to the QL's styling...

From my own experimetation, the options seem to be to either print it upside down, or print the top and sides separately then use acetone to solvent-bond the parts together. I can also use acetone to apply authentic surface finishes.

I could do the designs myself, but I don't have the hours free.

BONUS offer: If you have the file to 3D print the toothed rubber belt from the ZX Printer for the ZX81, I have the 3D printer and materials to print silicon rubber parts now. I can't find my file!

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