Faulty DRAM chips wanted!

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Faulty DRAM chips wanted!

Postby 1024MAK » Thu Nov 24, 2016 11:07 am

If you have any suspect or known faulty DRAM chips, I'm after some so I can conduct some testing.

I only want chips that are DIL type, either 16 pin or 18 pin. And they must still have all of their legs!

So that includes:
  • 16k x 1 bit types like HM4816, MK4116P-2, TMS4116, uPD416, 4116 etc,
  • 32k x 1 bit types like 3732 etc, (as used on ZX Spectrum computers)
  • 64k x 1 bit types like HM4864P, HYB4164P, KM4164, M5K4164ANP, MCM6665AP, MK4564N, MSM3764, TMS4164, uPD4164C, 4164 etc,
  • 256k x 1 bit types like 41256 etc,
  • 16k x 4 bit types like TMS4416 etc, and
  • 64k x 4 bit types like 4464, 41464, KM41464A, SMJ4464 etc.

Please include a note telling me all that you know about why/what the fault is/was.

PM me for the address to send to.


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