Sinclair QL, bit & bobs...anyone interested?

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Re: Sinclair QL, bit & bobs...anyone interested?

Postby bagpuss22 » Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:59 pm

Good to see that things like this do not become landfill :shock:

If you get left with the Spectrum tapes then I would be interested as I am always on the lookout for Sinclair software.

Would be nice to get a photo, if it comes to that.



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Re: Sinclair QL, bit & bobs...anyone interested?

Postby Outsoft » Sun Apr 20, 2014 10:30 am

timmyg wrote:Hello,

I am a new member on here so please excuse me if this is not the done thing or this isn't the correct area to post this.

I have recently been sorting through my Mother's attic and come across many old computers and parts collected by my late Father. I have no interest in these nor does my Mother and she is eager to bin them but they may well be of interest to some of yourselves on here. Putting them on Ebay was my first thought as getting some money for them would be nice, but I'd simply rather see them go to someone who will appreciate them rather than the bin. I googled Sinclair QL's and came across this site.

I have a photo showing all the parts and am able to answer any questions you have, although quite possibly not technical ones relating to the computer itself! I also cannot test anything but have no reason to believe they are in anything other then full working order. The QL is boxed, dust free and keyboard wrapped in plastic, several cartridges and holders and what appears to be a full user manual. There is also some Spectrum gear, (which I also have photos of) +3, (no discs) loads of tapes (but no actual +2 tape drive), power pack, joystick, gun, and various other things. Maybe this isn't the place for Spectrum fans?!

Anyway, if any of these things are of interest to anyone please get in contact with me. I would much rather get rid of the QL stuff as a job lot, getting rid of the Spectrum stuff also would be great.

Photos and more detail available.



Forgot to mention, items are located in South Wales, but I'm sure postage could be arranged if needed.

Hi to all there at Ql forum.

I'm very interested on all original stuff for ql.

Please let me see all that you have, I can send UPS from Italy to take it back all.

Best wishes and happy easter to all there.

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