For Sale: Tetroid Super Gold Card *** SOLD ****

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For Sale: Tetroid Super Gold Card *** SOLD ****

Postby Derek_Stewart » Thu Dec 31, 2020 1:14 pm

Tetroid Super Gold Card

Sinclair QL expansion card - 24Mhz 68EC020 CPU, 4M RAM expansion and floppy disk interface ( Miracle Super Gold card clone).
The Super Gold Card is about 3 times as fast as a Gold card.

4MB memory, 3968K of that is seen by the QL as contiguous RAM, while the remainder is used for display memory and shadowing the QL ROM and the Super Gold Card's own code.

The Super Gold Card also includes a 3 drive disk interface connector. The disk interface supports DD (720K), HD (1.4MB) or ED disk drive (3.2MB) systems and uses the same drive connection slots as older disk interfaces such as the Trump card, allowing the same disk drives to be used.

The Super Gold Card features a battery backed clock, where the time and date are copied to the QL's inbuilt clock at startup, so the time and date are correct.

The Super Gold Card has an inbuilt Toolkit 2 which may be enabled with a TK2_EXT command.

It also has level 2 directory drivers for floppy discs and ramdiscs, so that real directories as opposed to the 'soft' directories used by earlier interfaces.

This clone has some differents from original Miracle Super Gold card interface.

1. Power Module has a switch-mode power supply that imposes a negligible power drain on your system and
produces little heat.

2. Battery backed clock has small standard battery ( CR1225 ), which easy to find and replace.
The battery should keep the time for about 1 years maximum.

SuperGold Card Top

SuperGold Card Bottom

Price: £150.00 plus shipping

Please PM for shipping quote.



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