Job Lot QL Hardware, Books etc

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Phil K
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Re: Job Lot QL Hardware, Books etc

Postby Phil K » Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:32 am

bwinkel67 wrote:I'm assuming you wouldn't want too much for a 5th broken one. I would PayPal you postage (plus anything additional) if you would be willing to pack it up and send it to an address in the US (not mine but Adrian's who lives in Oregon I believe). I don't think it would need a power supply since he couldn't use it anyway (it seems you only had 2 PU's for 4 QL's and likely they were UK). Royal Mail can actually be pretty reasonable in my experience.

It would be neat to see him try and repair a completely broken QL (so the more non-working the better -- i.e. bad keyboard membranes are just a simple part replacement but no screen and no boot-up would be perfect). He's got an audience of close to 100K so great to have that many folks getting a look at a QL. Plus he'd likely fix it so that would rescue a dead one :-/

That should be no problem, I will get in the garage soon but at the moment it is to cold and wet outside to pull all the boxes out. Yes only 2 spare PSUs to hand but may find another in the garage :) . Its really good to find a guy dedicated to repair and restore this old hardware and help keep the interest.
As for shipping yes Royal Mail is good especially to the USA as they partner with USPS.

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Re: Job Lot QL Hardware, Books etc

Postby NathanC » Fri Jan 15, 2021 6:57 pm

Hi, I'm new here so apologies if I get this a little wrong.

I'd love to grab these - been after a QL for a long time, but for me the magazines etc are just as important as I can then immerse myself in the background.
Obviously lockdown messes things up - but maybe if you're ok with boxing up I could arrange for a courier to collect, or pay deposit and collect in person as soon as lockdown ends?

I'd also be more than happy for the 4th dead QL to go to Adrian - saving you the issue of finding the remaining QL in your garage.


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