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Postby swensont » Wed Jan 06, 2021 11:55 pm

As Wikipedia says "Crobots is a programming game released for the first time by Tom Poindexter in December, 1985 as Shareware.[1] The robots are controlled by a program written in a stripped-down version of C. The robot's mission is to seek out and destroy other robots, each running different programs. The robots can be controlled in order to move around the battlefield, scan the environment to find enemies and fire at enemies using a cannon."

This is the program that I was trying to port with Curses. I gave up with Curses and wrote a few wrappers and now it is all working. The game is very fast on emulators, so I added a delay loop. For the BBQL, I compiled a version without the delay loop. In the end I made very few changes to the source code, so it should work exactly like the DOS version.

The game, a doc in PDF and some example robots can be found on my webpage:


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