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QL S*BASIC tracker

Postby EmmBee » Fri Nov 13, 2020 5:28 pm

Hi all,

I have written some code that takes the currently loaded program and adds in tracking information - the tracker reports on routines called, where from, values of arguments and return values.

Execute the tracker_task;

The new program gets created as ram1_tracker_prog – so load this anew.
The first four lines may need editing.

Code: Select all

 1.   _log$ = "RAM1_tracked_rpt"       The report file that will be created
 2.   _max_file_size = 800000          Maximum file length before being overwritten from start
 3.   _tstep = 2                       Indent number of spaces between routines
 4.   _chan = 14                       Required # channel number for the tracker _log$ file

From here on the program acts like the original.

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