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Re: Auto-boot in JS ROM

Postby bwinkel67 » Sun Aug 09, 2020 10:39 pm

Derek_Stewart wrote:Hi,

Reading the Qlay 0.90 maual, there is an entry in 7.1 Bugs

Undocumented/untested/unstable development options:
-F100 : fake F1 during boot

Maybe this would work, or if it does not work, maybe the fake F1 option could be fixed.

Thank you! That did the trick. So not sure yet what the 100 is for, but if I leave it at that value it spews extra characters into my console. If I make it 25 it seems to be fine. I also hacked the qlay.exe executable to boot in F2 instead of F1. I found this code in his source:

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    if(use_debugger||fakeF1) {
        IPCreturn=0x1039; /* 1 char, no spec.key, F1=39, F2=3b */

That number is stored in the binary as 0x39 0x10 so I just changed the first one to 0x3b and voila, F2.

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