Saving "The Lost Pharaoh"

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Saving "The Lost Pharaoh"

Postby stephen_usher » Thu Oct 17, 2019 8:48 pm

Thanks to the help from Simone Voltolini by supplying his latest "mdump" program I've managed to extract my failing Microdrive copy of "The Lost Pharaoh", published by Talent, and eventually load it via the vDriveQL.

Simone's mdump is excellent and I'd have never have managed to recover (most) of my original cartridges to images without it. Anyway, here's how it was done...

I put the mdump floppy image on a USB drive and put it into my Flashfloppy'd Gotek and booted my QL+SGC clone from it.

After several iterations and a couple of Microdrive drive swaps mdump finally read all the sectors and created the image inside the floppy image.

I was then able to copy the floppy image off the USB drive and onto the hard disk of my Mac, where I ran SMSQulator, setting up an NFA drive and mounting the image as flp1_. I was then able to copy it onto the Mac filesystem without a Q-Emulator header.

Now I was able to add a ".mdv" extension to the filename, copy it onto the SD card and set up a "bank" in the VDRIVE.CFG file:

Code: Select all


I could then put it into the vDriveQL, turn off the Gotek, boot the QL into the vDriveQL utilities built-in MDV, set the bank to "pharaoh", res_128 (as the game only runs on a 128K machine) and...


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