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IP Router for Windows

Postby Martin_Head » Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:30 am

I have been playing with the idea of trying to convert my IP Router program into a Windows program, written in C#. It's my first attempt at writing a C# program. Come to that, It's my first attempt at any kind of C program.

For those not familiar with the IP Router, It's a program for connecting the two different types of my IP Network driver together. It usually requires a separate copy of a QL emulator to run in, as it will not run correctly alongside the IP Network driver on the same emulator.

The program is a bit rough around the edges, and I am not entirely happy with the error handling. But I have managed to get something together that seems to work on my system, and I would appreciate any feedback on problems seen, or suggestions for improvements, before I go much further.

Run the Setup.exe program to install it. It creates a Start menu entry, and an Uninstall entry. It requires the .NET framework V4.5? and will try to download it, if not found on your system.

I had a problem with Avast AntiVirus, in that it thought the program was a IDP.Generic virus, But I think this may just be a false positive.

I have included a copy of the source code in case there are any C# programmers who can spot any major problems with my code.
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