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Re: A question about OPEN

Postby Martin_Head » Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:29 am

pjw wrote:Do you mean sort of "anchoring" a virtual device off some point in the file system, like QPC's DOS device? In theory, I think something like that could work.

The idea is, The file system on the media supports 128 byte file headers, with 72 byte file names.

When a file is opened by an application with its normal 36 character file name, The device driver fetches a directory path of up to 36 characters that is stored in the job that is opening the file, and adds it to the start of the normal file name. So each job can have its own sub directory that it thinks is the root of the drive. The application does not have to know about this sub directory path, so it should work with existing software.

So job A. could have a device LFN1_ that points at a particular sub directory, and job B. could have a device LFN1_ that points at another sub directory.

I'm tinkering about with what works and what doesn't. I may find that the whole thing is unworkable. But at the moment I can basically save and load things with long file name, and I think DIR is just about working. But WSTAT isn't entirely happy yet

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