Nucleon by Pyramide for SMSQ/E

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Nucleon by Pyramide for SMSQ/E

Postby Martin_Head » Sat May 19, 2018 3:58 pm

This is a conversion of the Nucleon suite of programs for use with SMSQ/E systems.

Nucleon is a suite of 5 programs to Design window layouts, Draw screen displays that are converted into BASIC programs, Design and edit character fonts, Create music, and Manage files.

The original program, and a manual can be found here

3 of the original 5 programs were compiled with SuperCharge, and have now been decompiled back into BASIC.

In this conversion each application starts in a separate SBASIC daughter job, and so you can CTRL-C back to the launcher program at any time to start other applications. And when you exit the application, it closes the SBASIC daughter job.

In the BOOT program you can set the location of the files, so the programs may be stored in a subdirectory.

Also in the applications I have changed the references to 'mdv' to 'flp'.

Please treat this a Beta release, as I have not fully tested the 5 applications. So let me know if you find any problems in the conversion, or inconsistencies with the original program.
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Re: Nucleon by Pyramide for SMSQ/E

Postby RWAP » Sat May 19, 2018 8:51 pm

That is excellent news - thanks to Pyramide for making these freeware and of course the Supercharge de-compiler. :D

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