BASIC: Returning non-scalar values from Procs

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Re: BASIC: Returning non-scalar values from Procs

Postby Pr0f » Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:29 am

It's a distant memory, but wasn't the MEM device from Simon Goodwin's DIY toolkit capable of some fairly impressive memory manipulation?

I still haven't found all my old magazine cut outs, but I remember using it as some sort of RAM buffer for a data collection device a long while ago - nothing flash, just a pic on a serial port taking temperature and light measurements throughout the day...

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Re: BASIC: Returning non-scalar values from Procs

Postby vanpeebles » Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:47 am

NormanDunbar wrote:Hmm. My first foray into professional computing involved spinning tapes and flashing lights. It was an ICL1966 running George 2. Compiling a (Cobol) program required two days as the compiler was run as a job and the results printed off during the night. Listings delivered next morning first thing.
Did I mention the program was written by hand on coding sheets and punched in by the punch girls? Unless we did it ourselves on a manual punch card machine!

Thankfully we upgraded to a 2966 running VME and finally got a screen editor so I could type my own code - still from coding sheets though, but I had the ability to compile there and then.

Those were (not) the days!


PS. Sorry, I've gone off topic, again.

It's not a proper computer if you can't climb inside it via a hatch! :D

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Re: BASIC: Returning non-scalar values from Procs

Postby Sparrowhawk » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:47 am

Thanks for all the replies guys, including the amusing ones which made me smile :D

It had not occurred to me to try simply passing in an array and it being handled by reference. Silly me. That solves my immediate problem, so thank you Martyn.

It's fun returning to an 'old' BASIC after coding in python, php etc all day. Makes you think in a completely different way, which is no bad thing.

a.k.a. Jean-Yves !

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