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Re: QBase new version

Postby daniel_baum » Sat Aug 24, 2019 4:07 pm

Derek_Stewart wrote:Hi Daniel,

I have downloaded your updates to QBase. It is good that you are continuing development of the software.

I must say that I thought the early version of QBase were really good, I included this on the software package supplied with the Q60, in 2002.

It does work well on the Q68, I usually use it in DISP_MODE 4 (1024x768 Mode 4) I do not need high colours for database work.

Hi Derek,

I've been using DISP_MODE 5 up to now, but yes, the four-colour modes are a great deal faster.

I also just realised that the reason that some FileInfo scripts have not been working is that they time-out waiting for programs to load in some of hte slower screen modes. These problems disappear in the four-colour modes. However, the FileInfo configurator program does not seem to work properly in DISP_MODE 4, whereas it does in DISP_MODE 5, so go figure...



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