Q68 netwrok port hardware

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Re: Q68 netwrok port hardware

Postby FrancoisLanciault » Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:49 am


I was finally able to fix my network board. I received the correct BAT-43 diode, installed it, but as many of you guessed, it did not solve the problem.

Then I realized the network signal would go high whenever I would plug my interface card. As a matter of fact, peek(hex(18020)) would give 57 as soon as the interface is plugged even if no cable is attached.

Removing the interface, I applied 3.3 volts to the 3v3in pin of the interface and I could measure 2.4 volts at the QL net pin. (Should be 0V or close to it because of the diode). Turn out I had a very dirty flux trace between 3v3in and QL net pin that was conducting a bit to much. A good cleaning solved the problem.

I now have my four QLs networked together !

- Q68
- SCG + Aurora
- GC + SD-QL
- BareBone QL 512k + TKII rom (latest arrival) now used to play games that are not compatible with the above systems.

The Q68 is now replacing the Aurora QL as my main developments machine.

Thank you every one for making this possible.


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