Keyboard Membrane repair- further

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Keyboard Membrane repair- further

Postby centaur_qlf » Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:36 am

I have now discovered a prepared replacement lead. Shortage of enought strip ribbon, I imagine, led me to evolve another version. A short piece of the strip ribbon is bared one side and folded over and bonded to thin stiffener to form a connector plug. Two pieces of fine multicore strip wire with the appropriate number of conductors are connected to through holes, and supported at right angles against bending with epoxy resin (I would use hot melt today). At the other end, the leads, reduced if necessary to less strands, would connect into fine holes in the membrane with conductive paint as before, and be bonded as necessary.

Again, this was done when only old membrane stock was available, before new ones were commissioned; hopefuly these new ones will be free from the bendng trouble.

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