Microdrives- has anyone managed to replace the tape ?

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Re: Microdrives- has anyone managed to replace the tape ?

Postby tcat » Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:54 am

Yes, I agree.

If it were reel to reel media, tape does not wear that much, in my opinion. The only wear it incurs is that sliding over the heads.

EDIT rephrasing for clarity, need help to get better wording...

Microdrive's tape is spooled on a single reel. With tape coming in the outer bigger diameter, spiraling towards the middle of a smaller diameter, the individual layers of tape on the spool rub against each other to overcome the circumpherent difference. The angular velocity is bigger towards the middle and is slowest on the outside. The tape is tightening up around inner threads, while loosening on the outer ones. Could this `rubbing' be significant, causing an extra wear in addition to the normal contact with the head? Also the tape lube is diminishing over the years probably, which may be putting a limit on the lifespan of the tape.


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