Switch off Pointer Toolkit

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Re: Switch off Pointer Toolkit

Postby polka » Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:14 am

Use Minerva ? yes indeed !

I use a JM QL, because it was my first one, that I bought in 1984 (with aQWERTY keyboard, because it was not even officially imported in France - with an AZERTY keyboard). I soon added a Sandy SuperQboard which added 512K ram, interfaces for parallel printer and floppy and TK2 - and had it modified after for a mouse). Then, when QL prices were dropping, I bought a second one (for spares - but they still both work OK) with a JS rom (but still a QWERTY keyboard). For this one, I recently bought a Tetroid CF interface. But I intend now to replace the SuperQboard with another Tetroid CF interface, this time including Minerva ; so it will solve the issues of the JM QL (that almost never occured to me), and besides let me program for two screens ?

Me too prefer my own boot files, but sometimes look at code from others. But I detest "spaggetti programs" and the QL SuperBasic should help to avoid them. For me, procedures with more than 20 lines and with obscure names are un-readable.

May the FORTH be with you !


May the FORTH be with you !
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Re: Switch off Pointer Toolkit

Postby janbredenbeek » Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:03 pm

One notable issue with JM ROMs is that when you load a BOOT program which loads extension commands, you cannot use these commands in the same program until you do a NEW or LRUN. One way to avoid this is to load only the extensions first (LRESPR) and then from there LRUN a second boot file which contains the extension commands.

Some extensions like TK2 patch the name table after installing the new commands so they work immediately. For others, putting the commands in a second BOOT file may do the trick.

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