Sinclair QL - QL-SD with vDRIVE QL

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Re: Sinclair QL - QL-SD with vDRIVE QL

Postby FrancoisLanciault » Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:05 pm

Pr0f wrote:You should be able to use both - there are 2 ROM sockets in the QL - both are wired exactly the same, so you could put the QL-SD in the right hand one as you look at the front, and the rom switcher in the left socket.

The QL-SD comes with its own minerva rom. If you want to use your ROM switcher, you must order the QL-SD version with the provision to switch off the embedded ROM, not the version with the SPI interface.

Also, to fit the QL-SD in the right ROM socket, you have to bend a transistor. But it can be done. I am using the QL-SD in the right socket and an original minerva mk-II in the left socket.


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Re: Sinclair QL - QL-SD with vDRIVE QL

Postby retro_collector » Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:46 pm


Thanks for that. I need to email to see if I can get the version of QL-SD that I can disable



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Re: Sinclair QL - QL-SD with vDRIVE QL

Postby Derek_Stewart » Wed Jul 31, 2019 8:31 am

tofro wrote:Coming back to the original topic (even if the Q68 is a nice QL-alike and I'm the happy owner of two, I don't think Bill will want to invest into it just now that he has his first "real" QL.)

I was not trying to sell more Q68s, I was only comparing the operating systems.

I have the Tetroid SGC, GC, CF Trump, 512Kb Qubide Cards, Rom Switcher, QL-SD v1, running JS and MInerva Roms. I also have the vDrive-QL as well.

The maon problem with QL-SD is that as stated, the hardware can not be moved as in the original Qubide. So we are stuck with QL-SD in the Rom Port.

But I guess to to use the ROM based software, a version of EPROM_LOAD available in SMSQ/E would be required. Since the source is available, it is just a matter of extracting the code to be loaded at boot time.



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