ICL OPD / Merlin Tonto Issues

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ICL OPD / Merlin Tonto Issues

Postby RWAP » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:18 pm

I recently sold a Merlin Tonto which initially displayed 6 vertical bars (SVRAM issue according to the field notes). After replacing the processor board, and general tidying up the machine, it was working.

I then used it for a while only to have the PSU (in the monochrome monitor) go up in smoke.

I replaced the X1 filter capacitor (as normal), but after a while of use, the monitor output failed altogether - on further investigation it looked as though it might just be one of the capacitors on the monitor itself which had a dry joint (in fact the leg was dangling in mid air).

The Tonto was still working, as I could get it to access the microdrives.

The customer was happy to take it as is and repair the monitor.

He has now replaced the PSU completely with a new Mean-Well PT-65A PSU (you can find out details of his efforts on the new Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/232827397500181)

However, the 6 vertical bars are back, and he can't get past them. He has changed the processor board (with 2 alternatives), and even replaced the SVRAM, but nothing seems to fix this issue.

Has anyone else experience of this and how to get around it?

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