Hermes or SuperHermes, this is the problem!

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Hermes or SuperHermes, this is the problem!

Postby Giorgio Garabello » Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:56 am

SMSQ / E with the MACHINE command can detect if Hermes / Superhermes is present. Is there a way to distinguish via software if it is hermes or superhermes in order to automatically load the correct drivers?

Giorgio Garabello

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Re: Hermes or SuperHermes, this is the problem!

Postby martyn_hill » Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:03 am

Hi Giorgio

Good question. The difference between the sizes of the two extension files is considerable, though nether one is _that_ big (Hermes IPCEXT: 356 bytes, sHermes IPCEXT: 5600 bytes.)

One can leverage the IPCVER$ command which should differentiate between Hermes/sHermes or original 8049, but of course, you need toload one of the two extensions first!

One approach that isn't too waste-full might be:
1. Load the original Hermes IPCEXT
2. Test using IPCVER$
3. IF sHermes detected, then load instead the sHermes IPCEXT equivalent - harmlessly wasting the original 356 bytes.

Not sure how well the two extensions will co-exist, but I suspect the last one loaded will simply take precedence over the first.

Easier still, just load the full sHermes IPCEXT - as per the sHermes manual:

"Other than IPCVER$, the extensions will report “not found” if a non superHermes /Hermes IPC is present or a superHermes-only command is requested on a plain Hermes." - so no harm in loading sHermes IPCEXT on an original Hermes fitted QL.

Good luck!

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