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Re: Announcement - new QL Interface

Postby polka » Sun Feb 17, 2019 9:27 am

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Hi all, some new issues -> questions :(

I set-up for the QL Tetroid/CF interface

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1/ a 512Mb CF card with four partitions :

0 GAL  40Mb 2Kb/block  80Kb-fat
1 BOY  80Mb 4Kb/block  80Kb-fat
2 CAT 160Mb 8Kb/block  80Kb-fat
3 DOG 216Mb 8Kb/block 108Kb-fat

2/ a 1Gb CF card with 14 partitions

 0 GIRL  40Mb  2Kb/block   80Kb-fat    default MDV1_
 1 BOY1  40Mb  2Kb/block   80Kb-fat
 2 BOY2  40Mb  2Kb/block   80Kb-fat
 3 BOY3  40Mb  2Kb/block   80Kb-fat
 4 CAT0 100Mb  4Kb/block  100Kb-fat    default MDV2_
 5 CAT1  80Mb  4Kb/block   80Kb-fat   
 6 CAT2  80Mb  4Kb/block   80Kb-fat
 7 CAT3  80Mb  4Kb/block   80Kb-fat
 8 CAT4  80Mb  4Kb/block   80Kb-fat
 9 CAT5  80Mb  4Kb/block   80Kb-fat
10 CAT6  80Mb  4Kb/block   80Kb-fat
11 CAT7  80Mb  4Kb/block   80Kb-fat
12 CAT8  80Mb  4Kb/block   80Kb-fat
13 CAT9  80Mb  4Kb/block   80Kb-fat

And added to my BOOT two basic procedures :

gal N : Partition N -> MDV1_
pet N : Partition N -> MDV2_

I will use the 512Mb card for experimenting and the 1Gb card as work disc

Yesterday, I tried the Habi disc image editor to transfer files from PC to QL/CF, and have some problems (thus questions) :

As I wanted to "organize" the files, I used the "create directory" option :

I first noticed that I could only have 127 files in each directory ?

and then, that that the names of the files "inserted" was appended with several random characters ?

This second issue does not happen when I insert files at the root of the partition as you can see in the attached screen capture : first, two files inserted at the root ; below, the same files under "HTML" directory. the different size of the d2h003_zip is because I inserted it "with header" option, whereas the doc2html_zip, I inserted it "without". But for zip files, the header is not important ?

What - is - or did I do - "wrong" with directories ? Of course, for all the files I inserted as zip files, I may easily write a little program that would automatically detect "_zip" in the file names and remove all the unwanted characters after.

Thanks beforehand


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