Tandata Q-Connect modem

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Re: Tandata Q-Connect modem

Postby mancity1961 » Thu Jan 14, 2021 5:11 am

Hi Derek, it is actually a Wimodem232 and is a Hayes compatible wifi modem with an oled screen and attaches to the serial port of older computers
and allows you to connect to modern BBS's over Telnet. I intend connecting it to the Qconnect and use the Qcon driver ( once I figure out how to load it ),
I'll try connecting it directly to SER2 as well and see how that works.


Derek_Stewart wrote:
mancity1961 wrote:Thanks guys, much appreciated. Still waiting for my Q-Connect stack to arrive from Germany, when it arrives I hope to use it with my
new wimodem232 which hopefully I'll have Tuesday, this Covid is really messing with the deliveries of my recent purchases :(


Whst use are hoping to use the QConnect?

winmodems do not work the same way as a Hayes modrm, due tge modem commands are in the Windows Operating System. So extra confuguration is required.

I have altered the scanned Qconnect manual so tgat it has dingle pages and temovrd dome black border on page edges, but it seems to of increaed the file size to 9.7Mb. Maybe too large...

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