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RE: LaunchPad

Postby simon629 » Wed May 03, 2017 8:49 am

HI you no LaunchPad in QLE QLECFG is it the same LaunchPad as made by D Jones I have the the Full Version of it can Link it up with QLE\QDT OK Thanks Simon Foster
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Re: RE: LaunchPad

Postby RWAP » Wed May 03, 2017 9:25 am

I know Simon lives in England, but that sentence does not make much sense ;)

I guess Simon means that there is a demo version of Launchpad (by Dilwyn Jones) in the QL/e distribution. He has purchased the full version of Launchpad and needs some instructions of how to upgrade the demo version in his QL/e distribution to the full version.

This shows one of the downsides of the two QL packaged distributions (QL/e and Black Phoenix) - it is an extremely steep learning curve for anyone that wants to add a new QL program to those packages (or update any of the existing demo programs to the retail version). It is not helped by the fact that people are so used to being able to automatically install and update software in this day and age, they forget how much of a manual process it is for the QL and other retro computers.

A step by step guide would be useful in those instances - maybe the authors of QL/e and Black Phoenix could work together to put the bare bones of a guide together.


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