MAKE_DIR command needed for uQLx

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Re: MAKE_DIR command needed for uQLx

Postby tofro » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:11 pm

Text87 should actually work in uQLX when you set it up in original resolution and with a non-Minerva ROM (JS or MG). This makes uQLX emulate the video memory just like on the QL and in the same layout - In this case, I don't see a reason why Text87 shouldn't work.


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Re: MAKE_DIR command needed for uQLx

Postby ql_freak » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:06 am

Thank you! You are right. With QL resolution it runs, even with Minerva 1.98 :-)

But on QPC2 it runs (in QL Mode) even with high resolutions if you enter before starting it:


Unfortunately I have now recognized, that it seems, that I never have used the last version plus4 E4 (the date on the disk states 1993, at this time I had a lot to do with OS/2, and I already owned and used StarWriter on Windows/OS/2). After I have installed it from the original floppy disk, I realized that there are a lot of new things. And one thing is horrible: The new version grabs the whole screen (similar as the current Master editor), so that you cannot see any other windows. The old version grabs only the area CON_512x256a0x0.

I think I will buy the patch from Marcel and hope that his patch corrects this behaviour. The best thing I have detected: I have had also bought typeset90, also I didn't have a Desk/LaserJet at that time. I hope it will be compatible with my Brother Laserprinter (at least in b/w).
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