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Re: Speccy Next

Postby Outsoft » Thu May 05, 2016 7:44 pm

Paul wrote:If you want to say the spectrum next would only be experimental then no.
Spectrum next is a well tested FPGA implementation. It's prototypes were called TBBlue.
All perfectly running. There were prototypes that had no expansion port and later victor trucco made the prototype with expansion port.
The disadvantage of spectrum next is that there is nearly every cell of the fpga used.
It's so full that ZX80, ZX81 and Jupiter ace are not synthetic but spectrum emulators for these (cartridge from Paul farrow).
So QL won't fit inside.
And ZXUno has a larger FPGA and will definitely be cheaper than spectrum next.
kind regards Paul

Well...I hope It can be Crowfund a QL 2 with a Real 68k processor (seems that are pruduced in these days too!) with a new superb design of RIck Dickinson ;)

WIth 2 SD CARDS (ore 1 SD CARD + 1 another peripheral), It will be very good ;)

I think It will be possible to do also an UPGRADE for the REAL QL with a new Card (Super Gold Card 2) with a more powerful 68k processor and other features (like SD or Ethernet).

Many things I think we will see in the next years on Vintage fever ;)

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Re: Speccy Next

Postby Silvester » Mon May 09, 2016 9:55 am

Paul wrote:And ZXUno has a larger FPGA and will definitely be cheaper than spectrum next.

AFAIK ZXUno use PS/2 keyboard, unless ZX key matrix is implemented off (FPGA) expansion connector, same problem as with emulators - keyboard can't truly map original ZX Spectrum (multiple key combinations). Perhaps Spectrum Next does? (haven't seen any docs yet).

I'm not plugged into the Matrix so my responses may be delayed.

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