SuperHermes For Sale - Ref. SH02

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SuperHermes For Sale - Ref. SH02

Postby Derek_Stewart » Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:46 am

Refurbished SuperHermes For Sale

SuperHermes Ref. SH02

Comes complete with:

Serial SER3 cable
DB9 Mouse Cable
Original Double Density Support Disk
PDF Manual

Industry standard fast serial port for the Sinclair QL. Use the QL for high speed BBS (V34 at 57600bps), up to 14400bps fax send and receive, and voice mail etc. High speed data transfer at up to 4800cps is possible between computers.

In addition to the Hermes features (working SER1/2 at 19200 baud rate, improved sound not crashing serial input, keyboard debounced, and extra I/O lines. it gives:

High speed 2-way industry standard serial port at up to 57600bps. Maximum throughput with Super Goldcard/qtpi zmodem into ram is 4800cps
IBM AT keyboard interface with all major country layouts
Three low speed serial inputs (Serial MOUSE driver supplied)
Keylock connector (locks QL/IBM keyboards and sH mouse)
Turbo connector (256 speed factors)
1.5K non-volatile memory (EEPROM)
Connector for capslock/scrollock LED
Keyclick can be toggled on or off)
3 spare input/output lines with +5v/GND

All this is on a 'professional' plug-in circuit board not much more than twice the size of the 8049 co-processor it replaces.

Price: £75.00

Postage: £10.00



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